Feeding Program

In 2016 the famine in sub-Saharan Africa hit rural Zimbabwe hard. So in partnership with the CHBC outreach team at St Alberts hospital, I funded emergency early morning feeding program for ECD and primary children at Sable Heights School; the following term the program was extended to Clearmorning School. Both schools had a high number of orphans enrolled, and all the children, orphans or not, were malnourished. Most had eaten nothing before the long walk to school: they were listless and unable to concentrate. In total a thousand children received the fortified nutritious protein drink known locally as maheu each morning.

2017:  A generous group of friends undertook to run a Trivia Evening in mid-May to raise money so that the maheu feeding program can continue—a wonderful response I couldn’t have anticipated. We raised AU$22,000, sufficient to continue the feeding project into 2018.


2018:  The Fund Raising Team have organised another Trivia night to be held on 7 July at St Michaels Golf Club, Sydney. We need to raise as much again to carry us through 2019.

Once again the World Food Programme (WFP) project that possibly up to 2.5 million people in Zimbabwe face food insecurity in 2018/9.

According to the Global Hunger Index, Zimbabwe is ranked 108th out of 119. The area in which we run the feeding project is one of the worst affected areas.